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I was not a smart girl when I was young. From my grandfather, even to my mom, there is nobody like me in my big family.
I had started to learn how to wash-up, cleaning the floors of our house was my job during a cold winter when I was at 6 years. My mom spoke to me and said that it is the right time for me to try and be an independent girl from that moment on.
Common looking, a poor performer in studies, that seemed to be my spot in childhood.Chinese parents never allow their children to dream freely. What they wish instead is for them imagine less & studying harder. A 100% mark is their proud goal, which is something they could proudly talk about wherever they go & to whomever they meet.


But I was so different from the others. I’d never been in any kindergarten before going to primary school. The teacher rejected me when my mom took me to the entrance of the kindergarten. Maybe they could see that I am a strange girl at that time. My mom argued with them for me, but got nothing in return. My strange dress just made me look like an ugly monkey. The antique clothes were made from my mom's old clothes. Though I did envy the other children, dressed in a tight clean uniform, dancing & singing with the teachers in a bright big room, I couldn’t join them. I developed a great inferiority complex, no talking, no smiling, no playing, no joking, anything too funny didn’t concern me. But I really didn't fancy being left alone. I had just forgotten how to express my feelings, my thoughts, what I liked & what I wished for.
I was a quiet girl with a rebellious temper. I paid little attention in my classes, only confining myself to my imagination and other ties. Like drawing in my Chinese class or reading a story book during Math class. Teachers were so angry that they don’t know what to say. For them, teaching a naughty student is better than teaching a quiet student who refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group.
Examinations are the only way to determine whether students study hard or not. The more you give, the more you get. The meaning of a good student is usually directly related to their score. I was not the teacher’s favorite pupil because I had never got a 100% mark, only failing my examinations every time. I began to cry when I would get the exams papers with a shameful mark. Teachers were greatly troubled about my behavior. I cried, not because of the shameful scores, just afraid of my mom's face.

Crying, Scores & those antique clothes remain in my mind as my childhood memories.
I had thought that I was going to be a good student, but I really was uncertain how to act. People neglected the depth of my pain, so I always thought that I should live quietly.
Fortunately, I had forgotten the feeling for the past, now I am a noisy and happy girl, because I get used to forget that something bad in my life.


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